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  • Ground Beef - 4x 1 lb packs

    Our 100% grass-fed ground beef is incredibly versatile and packed with natural flavour.  Perfect for making burgers, meatloaf, tacos, meatballs, or bolognese sauce.  The options are endless!


    Pack size: 1 lb packs (4 packs)

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  • Beef Burgers - 12x burgers

    100% grass-fed beef, gluten-free and packed with natural flavour.  Our burgers are already lightly seasoned with salt and pepper, just throw them on the grill or in a hot skillet and enjoy!

    Pack size: 4 burgers per pack (3 packs)

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  • Stew beef - 2x 1 lb packs

    Already cut into perfect chunks, 100% grass-fed stewing beef goes towards making the ultimate comfort food in an easy one-pot meal.


    Pack size: 1 lb per pack (2 packs)

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  • Miami Short Ribs - Min. 2.0 lbs

    Miami ribs are a fan favourite and great for the grill! Best prepared by marinating overnight in your fridge, this cut will soak in a lot of flavour with the right amount of time. After marinating, throw them on the grill over high heat for a couple minutes per side.


    Pack size: 2 packs. 2.0 lbs minimum

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