Our Story

We started Sunday Farms with the belief that a healthy and happy life starts with good food.

We know that finding quality, sustainably raised meat is no simple task. Most consumers rarely know where their meat comes from, how the animals were raised, and if harmful chemicals were used in the process. We were the same.

Our journey started with the need to feed our families meat we could trust and continues with each order we bring to your door.

At Sunday Farms, we believe the best things in life are shared and that food connects us to family, community and nature unlike anything else. We hope you share in our mission to connect to the food we put on our table and the amazing farmers who make it possible.

Together, we can fix our food system with each meal.

Our Standards

We believe there is no substitute for quality, which is why we source from farms that adhere to exceptionally high standards of agricultural integrity. The result is delicious, nutrient rich meat without the harmful additives and chemicals you find in almost all other meat.

Here's what you can expect from us:

All our animals are raised outdoors and graze freely on no-spray fields. They are never given GMOs, antibiotics or added hormones.

Our cattle are...

  • Pasture raised using intensive rotational grazing to enhance the health of the animals, their pastures & the environment
  • 100% grass-fed + grass-finished

Our pigs are...

  • Heritage breed and raised on pasture or in forested areas where they can forage and root (their favourite activities!)
  • Offered non-GMO supplemental feed

Our chickens are...

  • Pasture raised where they can peck + scratch through fresh grasses for natural nutrients
  • Offered non-GMO supplemental feed

By roaming freely outdoors and consuming their natural diets, our animals avoid unnecessary stress and absorb many healthy nutrients – benefits that get passed onto you! Compared to conventional meat, the health benefits are numerous, including a more nutritious fat composition (more healthy fats like omega-3 and CLA and less unhealthy fats) and a richer source of essential vitamins & minerals.

Our Farms

We believe in food with integrity, which is why we're so proud of the farms we source from. Our partner farms have enormous respect for their animals and the pastures that nurture them.

Through regenerative practices like intensive rotational grazing, our partner farms are carefully improving the land on which their animals graze. It's a beautiful, symbiotic relationship between animals and the earth without the use of artificial chemicals. The result is more flavourful meat, which is better for you and the environment.

We strive to serve the kind of food we know the story behind, which is why we encourage you to come see it for yourself! If you're interested in learning more, we are very happy to organize a trip to one of our partner farms so you can see the difference first hand - Please send us an e-mail at support@sundayfarms.com to enquire!